We beneath us.
Are we tested on how we spent our time?
All your history decays on a VHS
At your parents' house in a three bridge city.

We cite jazz and blues, bikes, and never shoes.
We held lies and truth, we beneath us.
We beneath us.

We beneath us.
Are we tested?
Are we spent and dry?
Parts and pieces together make a sound
Like some empty shell or the stillest ocean.

We wore out our clothes to hail the thrift store close.
Friends rolled cigarettes and quit always not just yet.
All creative flecks were copied and saved for web.
So the past remains remains beneath us.
Remains beneath us.

Time buries bones.
Wind brings them home.


from Reeve Hunter + John Perry Double EP, released July 29, 2011


tags: pop rock Athens



Reeve Hunter Athens, Georgia

I hope you enjoy some of this music!

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